Uh oh, the Vampire Comet has struck yet again...

Help repopulate the night sky so that you can get a restorative night's sleep.   A constellation experience of most epic proportions, complete with fairytale lore. Doesn't get much more wholesome than that, now does it?  


- Three nights, with a new story each night 

- Each story has a theme that will make your heart—and the sky—whole again.

Brought to you by the team that gave you Dr. Ghost, plus one awesome sound person.

Dev: Tim Winsky

Art: Lucie Calloway

Sound: Rupert Cole

Updated 18 days ago
Published 21 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
TagsAtmospheric, Casual, Cute, Fairy Tale, Global Game Jam, Lo-fi, Space, Unity, wholesome


RelaxYouCanDream.zip 26 MB


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I loved the chill music, the graphics and art, and the storyline! Playing the game was charming and enjoyed the stories that accompanied the constellations. The expert level was quite a challenge. Cool that it generates randomly too! Good job!

This. Was. Sooooo. Relaxing~

The dreamy visuals and that spacey lo-fi guitar track...I genuinely feel like it's bedtime  now and it's not even 7 pm. The gameplay was nice as well, took me quite a bit to get everything on expert mode; it's a simple but still pretty fun mechanic. Thumbs up!


Haha yah for something that we felt so frantic to make it is a very peaceful game ~ glad you enjoyed both modes! 


Hiya, I played your game as part of a stream of several games from the wholesome jam. Check it out! As I mentioned in the stream, your game is incredibly soothing to play, and the expert mode was actually challenging, which is impressive. It seems to me that the levels are generated somewhat randomly? Very cool! I'd love to see many more constellations with their odd little stories. I hope your team is very proud, you made a complete and fun game in such little time!  :)

yes! Tim our dev is great at making randomly generated levels and wanted to make the expert mode have an extra challenge, so I’m sure he’ll be Happy to hear that. I’m glad u enjoyed it! 


I love this game! The pretty visuals and gentle music make it very relaxing.


thanks! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the game ☺️